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What Fuels Team Shapr's Mission

Why Team Shapr Focuses on High-Performance Team Building

Think throughout your work history and picture in your mind your favorite job. Why did you love it? Chances are it had something to do with the people you worked with. They helped fuel your passionate for the job at hand. You felt the work you did was appreciated and felt valued as an employee. You smiled when coworkers entered a room, and looked forward to coming into work.


"Happy employees fuel healthy bottom lines." ~Audra Gibson, Founder • Team Shapr

Now consider if a past work environment has not included such pleasantries. If you've ever been part of an unhealthy work environment, you'll remember it well. It may not have made much of an impact at first, but perhaps a lack of collaboration, trust, appreciation, or the overall lack of teamwork eventually left you feeling unmotivated...or ready to leave. This is a prime example of the typical progression when a motivated employee becomes disengaged. 


Team Shapr was created to provide team building solutions for both of these scenarios. If your team needs leadership training, conflict resolution, a way to build camaraderie, or improve communication, we can help with that. If your team is already a healthy, high-performance team (that's amazing), we are here to help you hone and maintain that competitive edge. The ability to help employees feel valued and happy at work fuels our passion for team building. And happy employees fuel businesses.


We don't guess at team building though. We get to know our clients first and then go about recommending options to suit your organization's needs. We use data and feedback from previous events, training from the Association of Challenge Course Technology, and research from a bevy of organizations who address team dynamic and leadership training. We bring these tools together along with creative activities that are fun and engaging to build optimal team building tools to help your team perform their very best.

Why choose us for team building?

We Research

We create team building resources based on what data dictates is useful for corporate teams and communities.

We Listen

Before we plan, we listen to our clients and learn about their team dynamic to discover their needs and goals.

We Customize

We recommend team building options based on a client's strengths and weaknesses and can customize solutions.

We Deliver

We deliver solutions that focus not only on a happier team but also a healthy bottom line for our clients.

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